A Comprehensive Guide to Obtaining a Tax Refund for Tourists in Bali

A Comprehensive Guide to Obtaining a Tax Refund for Tourists in Bali

Understanding law and regulations in Indonesia is really good for you, especially when you're traveling in Bali. Bali, with its breathtaking landscapes, vibrant culture, and warm hospitality, has become a sought-after destination for tourists from around the globe. For travelers exploring the enchanting island, understanding the process of obtaining a tax refund can add an extra layer of convenience and financial benefit to their journey. This guide aims to provide a step-by-step overview of how tourists can navigate the tax refund process in Bali, ensuring a smooth and rewarding experience.

Understanding the VAT (Value Added Tax) System:

Bali, like many other tourist destinations, imposes a Value Added Tax (VAT) on various goods and services. The standard VAT rate in Indonesia is 11% (PPN). However, tourists may be eligible for a refund on certain purchases made during their stay.

Eligibility Criteria:

To qualify for a tax refund, tourists need to meet specific criteria. Generally, these include:

  • Being a non-resident of Indonesia.
  • Making purchases from participating retailers that offer tax-free shopping.

Identifying Participating Retailers:

Look for shops and stores displaying the "Tax-Free Shopping" or "VAT Refund" signs. Many larger retailers catering to tourists, especially in popular areas like Kuta, Seminyak, and Ubud, participate in the VAT refund program. At Feliz'Eye Art Painting Gallery, we offer Tax Refund for our customers that bring the paintings back to their country.

Making Qualifying Purchases:

When making purchases, ensure that each receipt clearly indicates the amount of VAT paid, the business's name and address, and the details of the items bought. Only goods that are taken out of Indonesia within a certain period are eligible for a refund.

Requesting a Tax Invoice:

Ask the retailer for a tax invoice, which is crucial for the refund process. This document should explicitly state the VAT amount paid.

Filling Out the VAT Refund Form:

Complete the VAT refund form provided by the retailer. This form typically requires personal details, passport information, and a declaration of your intent to take the purchased goods out of the country.

Customs Validation:

Before departing from Bali, visit the Customs Office at the airport to get the VAT refund form stamped. Ensure that you have the purchased items with you, as customs officers may ask to inspect them.

Refund Processing:

Depending on the refund service provider used by the retailer, tourists may receive their refund in various ways, such as credit card reimbursement or cash. Some services may have a desk at the airport where tourists can claim their refund on the spot.

Keep Documentation:

Retain all receipts, tax invoices, and the stamped VAT refund form until you have successfully received the refund. These documents may be required for any follow-up inquiries.

Be Aware of Fees and Conditions:

Some refund services may charge a processing fee or have specific conditions for eligibility. Familiarize yourself with these terms to avoid any surprises.


By understanding and navigating the tax refund process in Bali, tourists can make the most of their shopping experiences and enjoy additional savings on their travel expenses. This guide serves as a roadmap to help visitors effortlessly reclaim the VAT on eligible purchases, ensuring a rewarding and financially savvy stay on the Island of the Gods.

For tourists seeking a hassle-free experience in obtaining their tax refund in Bali, Feliz'Eye Art Painting Gallery is here to assist you every step of the way. Our dedicated staff is well-versed in the intricacies of the VAT refund process and is committed to ensuring that your documentation is handled with precision and care. When you make a purchase at Feliz'Eye, our team will guide you through the process of filling out the necessary forms, provide you with the required tax invoices, and facilitate the customs validation procedure. With Feliz'Eye Art Painting Gallery, you can shop for unique and exquisite artworks while our staff takes care of the paperwork, making your Bali experience even more enjoyable and stress-free. Explore the beauty of Bali, and let us handle the details of your tax refund for a seamless and rewarding shopping adventure.

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