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Do you know that elephants are consideres to be the most empathetic species in the world? They are highly sensitive and caring animals, just like humans. If a baby elephant cries, the herd will touch and caress the baby with their trunks to soothe it. In many asian cultures, it also can be a symbol of unconditional love. Still in the love season, if you consider yourself caring and sensitive, so it’s perfect for you to get one of these Teramat’s elephant painting to celebrate peace! Embrace the grace of Thailand's rich heritage with these captivating masterpieces by Teramat. 🎨✨ Each stroke tells a story of the majestic elephant and the serene wisdom of Buddha. 🐘🙏 Discover the timeless beauty of Thai culture through these original paintings. 🌺💫 Bring home a piece of tranquility and let the art speak to your soul. 🖼️💛