Collection: KUKUH


  • Nationality: Indonesia
  • Date of Birth: October, 1966, Surakata (Central Java)
  • Artistic Activity: Freelance
  • Level:  Mid-Career Artists
  • Type of works: Acrylic On Canvas
  • Studies: Self-Taught

My paintings are inspired by Indonesian culture, especially its socio culture. I was born in Surakarta, Central Java, where one of Indonesia’s socio cultures, Javanese, is deep within the people and surrounding. Most of my figurative paintings are about the traditional vehicle called Becak with its rider. They are the most noticeable icon in my hometown which is proudly adored by the world. Now with the cars and modern vehicles, Becak is being forgotten bit by bit.

But I have this passion in mind that I should at least paint them and make people know, remember, appreciate how wonderful Becak is. My Becak paintings are figurative, but it’s not that I focus only on figurative paintings. Lately I’ve been into abstract, too. And the inspiration to paint the abstract paintings isn’t far from Indonesian culture. If the figurative paintings are into Becak, one object among hundreds we could find in Central Java, the abstract paintings are more into the surrounding; the city. I paint them mostly in pastel color to express the calmness that the city has.

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