Collection: • HENGKI

Hengki Pudjianto started his career when he came to Ubud in 2003. From then on he became a very creative and also prolific painter. His true commitment to the art of painting was enhanced through the inspiring atmosphere of Ubud that had attracted so many painters in the past, too. When he was still a young child, he liked to play with colors at school. After he had finished secondary school, he was already skilled in the use of colors. During his later school time in Berlin, Germany, he had the chance to visit museums and exhibitions and could study the original works of great masters. Although he was supposed to become an engineer, he hadn't given up the idea of becoming a professional painter. "Nature and soul expression are the themes I like most and are currently matched to my spirit." 

  • May - Exhibition in Dunes Gallery, Prince Edward Island, Canada
  • August - First Solo Exhibition in The Rock: Australian Cuisine in Surabaya
  • December - Solo Exhibition in Lemongrass & Ginger; Bayswater, Sydney, Australia
  • March - Solo Exhibition in Richborne Terrace, London
  • March - Solo Exhibition in Atelier 19, Paris
  • September - Solo Exhibition "Color of Zen", Jakarta
  • March - Exhibition in XVA Gallery, Creek Contemporary Art Fair, Bastakiya, Dubai