Collection: • YOYON

In a world that is often characterized by chaos and noise, these white and black paintings offer a sense of clarity and simplicity. They remind us that even in the midst of our busy and complex lives, there is beauty and meaning to be found in the smallest of moments. Capture the essence of mindfulness and movement with Yoyon's remarkable black and white artwork. This figurative masterpiece beautifully merges yoga's tranquility and artistic expression. 🌌✨

In Yoyon's paintings, the subjects engaging in yoga and meditation become central figures, symbolizing the pursuit of inner peace and self-discovery. By coloring them in black, Yoyon emphasizes their connection to the depths of the mind, representing the stillness and calmness that one seeks to cultivate during these practices. The absence of vibrant colors draws attention to the essence of the moment, highlighting the introspective nature of the depicted scenes.