Collection: KAMONTIP

Step into the world of Kamontip, an artist with a profound passion for capturing the vibrant essence of nature's ever-changing beauty. With a keen eye for detail and an unquenchable curiosity, Kamontip finds inspiration in the kaleidoscope of hues that dance through the atmosphere. Each stroke of acrylic on canvas is a testament to Kamontip's unique ability to not only observe but also infuse her artworks with the very emotions that time and seasons evoke.
  • Born in Bangkok Thailand
  • Education Bachelor's degree in art at Faculty of Fine Art Chiang Mai University
  • 2022 Tirana International Contemporary Festival.
  • Tirana Albania 2018 Meeting Art Exhibition at CMU Art Center Chiang Mai
  • 2018 Art Exhibition no. 4 at Art & Culture Gallery Naresuan University Phitsanulok
  • 2016 Art Exhibition 12-3 Nan at Nan Riverside Art Gallery
  • 2015 Art Exhibition by Fresh Group at Bann Teak Gallery