Collection: • KETUT ADA

Born and raised in Bali, I Ketut Ada stands in that beautiful place between the shared set of values, aesthetics and modes of expression of his strong native Balinese community and the myriad sets of values, widely disparate aesthetics and modes of expression found amongst the variety the Balinese. Both his humble demeanor and general approach to art-making are almost certainly the result of his culture's values and vision which he embodies matter-of-factly. His calm acceptance of the natural unfolding of things, his subtle perception of the feelings of others, and his dedication to expressing harmony, are traits that are specific to his personal character but also reflect the cultural values that cherish such traits.


  • 2019: Oka Kartini Gallery
  • 2019: Cilantro Artspace
  • 2019: Arma Art Musem
  • 2010: Caterine Porter Fine Art
  • 2008: Rencontre Des Arts, Hourborg Gallery, Prancis
  • 2008: Revolusion Art, Lounge Bar, Les Semedis, Prancis