Collection: • BUDIAWAN

  • Th.1988 studied art at the Denpasar fine arts high school for 4 years
  • In 1991, he medaled in art, especially pop art / plora pauna in several art galleries
  • In 1994 following the exchange of cultural arts to Taiwan / demonstration of painting on canvas media, clothes, statues, walls and deepening the art of air brush
  • In 1997 he worked at Bali Oxyzen Gallery, Kuta 2nd
  • In 1999 he opened an artshop and serves interior art until now

In his mesmerizing artworks, Budiawan skillfully captures the essence and sensuality of women. With meticulous attention to detail, he portrays their curves, lines, and contours in a way that celebrates their unique allure and empowers their presence. Each brushstroke is thoughtfully placed to emphasize the graceful gestures and fluidity of movement, resulting in captivating compositions that exude a sense of both strength and vulnerability.