Collection: TONY


  • Nationality: Indonesia
  • Date of Birth: Born on july 7th, 1972, in Surakarta, Central Java.
  • Artistic Activit:y Professional Contemporary Art Painting
  • Level:  Mid-Career Artists
  • Type of works: Acrylic On Canvas
  • Studies: Graduated from Department of Art UNS Surakarta

I often process simple forms with broad brush strokes, with simple colors on a white canvas.Ink painting in black and white (ink brush painting) in the works of classical China, Japan and Korea, especially that based on Zen, has inspired me a lot. In the works of Zen Art, the lines tend to be spontaneous, concise and simple, yet they can display the essence of forms. Simple forms are present together with areas of white paper (blank space), there is a harmony between form and emptiness. In these simple forms, it feels as though there is a clarity that flows.

Here, every stroke is a spiritual rite, and each line is directly correlated with the level of clarity of mind (spiritual achievement.) I believe that "soul" of a painting is in the "line". The line must be alive, where there is the slightest doubt, the line loses its vitality. In the Art of the Sword the term "clear cut" is used meaning a blow born of the clarity of mind, so the line, also must be sharp and clear. In my works, there is no political tendency nor even a form of social criticism, nor is it my desire to follow the development of mainstream art, but rather a spiritual journey with traces of a personal nature.

For me, every form is an object of contemplation, and each line is part of a meditative movement. There is a "lucid moment" when the part achieves harmony with the whole. Art is a process of inner processing to reach a higher stage of consciousness. In a world increasingly noisy with all the vulgar chaos of information, it is good to restore everything to its simplicity, because it is only with simplicity that we can reach the depths and look at the reality of living with a clearer vision.

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