Collection: WANG


  • Nationality: China
  • Type of work: Oil on canvas
  • Category: Abstract & figurative

Born in Ding'an, Hainan, he loved art and painting since childhood and showed his talents. He received a good art education and his own understanding of art. Many works are created according to his own thoughts, hoping to create "inner truth", goodness and beauty" through the brush. Give it to everyone, the main painting style is very smooth and clear, the technique is unique, and the combination of Chinese and Western. Looking at the painting, it reveals serenity and far-reaching, embody the pursuit of the integration of things and I, the unity of heaven and earth, and give people a great sense of aesthetic pleasure! The three colors black, white and gray are used to denote light and dark, restless and calm.

The painting looks like a majestic landscape painting, but the inside is very abstract, my understanding of Chinese ink painting is combined with the exploration of Western oil painting. At the same time, the colorful oil painting of the splash color series is also used, and the color is bold and bright These works participated in the 2016 youth era exhibition "Calm Thoughts" and won the certificate "Second Place" honorary certificate. The works participated in the 2019 Hainan Province Fine Arts Association "Festival" Award.

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